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Set What Happens When You Insert a CD or DVD


CD and DVD drives are becoming rarer in an all digital world. Apple, in fact, has developed an external superdrive because they are not including internal drives within their laptops. However, those people who still use them may want to alter the way CD’s and DVD’s behave when they are inserted into your Mac. There are not many options, however it may help if you find yourself constantly trying to battle against the default settings. This method also alters the way Bluetooth headsets behave.

Inserting a CD or DVD

To alter the settings for insertion of a CD or DVD open System Preferences and select the CDs & DVDs preference pane. When you open this preference pane you are presented with three options, inserting a CD, inserting a DVD and inserting a picture CD.

There are many options you can change when you insert a CD or DVD.

There are many options you can change when you insert a CD or DVD.

Simply select which option you wish to change. For example if you want to change how a music CD is handled you can select the relevant option, then pick the chose application option. This means you select VLC or any other music app. The settings can also be changed to disable iPhoto or DVD player from opening. I like to change the DVD option to open VLC as I think it is a better video player.

You can also select the run script option. If you want to run an Applescript or Automator application, this can be done with the ‘Run Script’ option.

You can change the settings of each option.

Bluetooth Headsets/Headphones Launching iTunes

An interesting fact which a colleague of mine stumbled upon. If you have a bluetooth headphones, when you turn it one it may open iTunes. The reason or rational for this is unclear. However, if you want to stop iTunes from opening when you enable a Bluetooth headset simply change the  ‘When you insert a music CD’ option to ‘Ignore’, instead of iTunes.

It is really strange why iTunes opens when you start up bluetooth headphones, however the link is made and is activated when they switched on. Simply changing this little option will disable this functionality. It is especially useful if you don’t use iTunes frequently but do use bluetooth headphones.

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