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Clear Up Disk Space By Tidying Up iMovie


Disk space is a premium, although hard drives are getting larger and come in varieties up to 4TB, it is always worth removing unneeded files and folders and cleaning up your Mac, I like to use CleanMyMac on a regular basis. One of the biggest data hogs is videos, they take up many gigabytes of space and can consume of lot of space very quickly. With the advent of video on phones and the digital age this is becoming more common. Today’s post is going to demonstrate how to clean up iMovie so it doesn’t take up as much space.

Review Clips To Delete

The way to clean up iMovie and save disk space is to remove the videos you don’t use. A lot of videos you may take may not live up to the high standards that you expect. These are usually the wobbly videos, or the movies that don’t have a lot in them.

The first step in cleaning up space is to reject the movie clips you don’t want. Within the events library of iMovie go through the clips you have. You can right click on any video and select the reject clip option.

Reject the rubbish clips to save disk space.

Reject the rubbish clips to save disk space.

Rejected movies will go into rejected clips folder. You can view the rejected clips folder within iMovie by selecting View > Rejected Only. These are all of the sub par videos that you don’t want.

Rejected clips. The blooper reel lives here.

Rejected clips. The blooper reel lives here.

Another way to reject clips is to use the File > Space Saver option. This will run through your library to find and delete all of the video clips you don’t use. If a video hasn’t been used in a movie you can reject it.

Find all of the clips you haven't used and reject them.

Find all of the clips you haven’t used and reject them.

It is also worth going through the events library and removing any events that you don’t use or want. There can be many times when you have created and event, filled it with videos only not to use it. You can right click on any event and move to trash.

Move Rejected Clips To Trash

You don’t want to keep these rejected clips for too long. You can get rid of them by pressing the ‘Move Rejected To Trash’ button within the rejected clips folder view.

You can also trash rejected clips by going to File > Move Rejected Files To Trash. This will move all of these video files to the trash folder.

Delete rejected movies to reclaim disk space.png

Delete rejected movies to reclaim disk space.png

Export Movies – Delete Source Videos and Projects

Another tip which takes a little bit of work but is very useful is to delete the project. If you have made your movie and are happy with the content you can delete the project and the source files. Export your movie using the Share > Export Movie option.

Once you have exported your movie right click on the project and select Move Project to Trash. This will delete the project. Depending on how big the project is, this can be a significant gain.

After you have deleted the project you can remove the source files. You can either delete the event, if you keep video files in separate events or use the File > Space Saver menu bar option followed by the File > Move Reject Clips To Trash option.

This will save a lot of disk space as you won’t have two versions of the same video on your Mac.

Consolidate Media

If you have been a bit haphazard with where you have put your media you may find it located in more than one place. As a result you can end up with multiple copies of the same video file all over you disk, or you have projects and there media in different places. To tidy this up we can consolidate the media into one place. This may not save you a lot of disk space initially but can help you keep your videos and project tidy.

To consolidate the media, go to File > Consolidate Media. You will be given three options. Copy the Events, Copy The Clips or Move The Events. Select the latter. This will movie the clips and events to the hard drive that you Mac is located on. It will also update the links. You can then select the option to find media that isn’t in a project, as previously discussed.

Move all of the files so they are in one place.

Move all of the files so they are in one place.

I wouldn’t press the copy buttons as this will create duplicate copies. Increasing disk space usage.


The final step is to empty your Trash. This will remove the video files for good.

Video files do take up a lot of space. It take a little bit of work to ensure that your video files don’t take you every byte on your hard drive.

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