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Great Games To Play On Your Mac


I love playing video games, wether they are on an XBox, Playstation or your Mac. They take you into a world that is fun and allows you to experience worlds that you could only dream of. Today’s post is all about fun games that you should play. I have featured games that are more than simple iPad games that you play while you are waiting for your train. Each has a story, levels and some difficult bits to make it a challenge. All of these posts are digitals downloads, from various sources including the MacGameStore, Steam or the App Store. Many can be found on a variety of different sources. If you would like a hard copy, most can be found on Amazon, however it is sometimes difficult to find the Mac version.

The list is in no particular order. However, each game is on I have played and enjoyed. I recommend you download them or some great gaming time.

Borderlands 2

An epic mix of graphics and gameplay. Borderlands 2 available at the MacStoreAppleStore or on Steam and features a mix of first person shooting and role playing. Complete the quests and kill stuff to earn experience points to build your character. I love the humor, the graphical design and the story line. The array of weapons and enemies whom you can kill make it a fun game to play. The addition of downloadable content means you can keep going back.

Great graphics, great gameplay a great game.

Great graphics, great gameplay a great game.

Borderlands 2 gets a fair bit of press, but isn’t as popular as it should. The game is getting pretty cheap now so I recommend you download and play for hours or entertainment.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Turn based action games were popular many years ago when computer were not powerful enough to simulate a live environment. Now they are, they have become awesome. The turn based game XCOM Enemy Unknown takes places on Earth where aliens have invaded. You move your characters around the map, exploring the environment. You fight enemies and build the skill trees to fight bigger and badder enemies. You use the environment to cover yourself and explore new areas.

It is a slower paced game, being turn based, but has some intense action. It is available from the app store and the MacGameStore.

Portal 2

No game is on computer games list is ever complete without the mention of Portal. Portal 2 is the successor which is one of the best games out on the market. You take control of chell, whom is stuck in a testing lab with only a portal gun. Fire a portal on one wall, and second portal on a different wall and you can walk, jump or run through them. Allowing you to transverse great distances. The problem comes with the complex levels which you have to navigate. Coupled with an intriguing story line and amazing level design you will find yourself lost in the portal world.

This game is found on Steam, and is one you should be playing. You should also play Half Life 2. Which is the definition of a good game.

Playing Portal should be a rite of passage. Fun and interesting.

Playing Portal should be a rite of passage. Fun and interesting.

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is synonymous with shouting at your computer, throwing things across the room in a fit of range and generally being annoyed. However, it is a good bit of fun in the end. You play as a block of meat who bounces of walls, avoiding razor sharp saws, needles, crumbling bits of the world trying to save his girlfriend. It seems very simple, jump, avoid the pointy thing, and land the other side. However, it is difficult as you have to jump off many different objects to ensure you don’t die. It doesn’t have a story line as such, however you will be addicted.

At the end of every level you get to see your past performances. If you are bad at a level and die alot (which is often) you will see many attempts at your failure. This game can be download off Steam.

Cities In Motion 2

The engineer in me loves this game. Since Sim City failed so miserably I was looking for a city building game. Cities in Motion 2, although not a city building game, takes place in the city. You are the engineer of the cities public network. You have to link areas of the city with bueses, trams, trains, boats and trolley buses to ensure the public can get around the city. It is all about constructing routes, junctions and allows you a great amount of flexibility in transport routes and transport timetables. It is not for everyone, but if you like building networks or routes, this game is for you. It is a little hard to master, but has a lot of replay value. It is available at the MacGameStore.

BioShock 2

BioShock broke ground with its gameplay and graphics. Bioshock 2 is even better. It takes place in rapture, the perfect city that didn’t work out so well. You are a Big Daddy, a human encased in a tomb of metal to protect Little Sisters to harvest ADAM for use in changing your genetic code to have super powers. The array of weapons and the design of the maps allow for an immersive game play. The good story line and background story allow for a good amount of character development. At the end of the day it is fun to play and worth your time. Available on the App store, GameStore and Steam.

The broken city of rapture had many enemies which need to be overcome.

The broken city of rapture had many enemies which need to be overcome.


Braid was developed by one person and is a homage to good game design. You play as a character who can manipulate time. Each world gives you a different manipulation. You have to solve the puzzles, sometimes thinking backward,  in order to complete the goal and rescue the princess. The intriguing thing about this game is that you have to revisit levels in order to complete levels further on in the game. Some puzzles are complicated and usually need the help of youtube to solve them. However, each level is fun and taxes the brain. Plus the soundtrack is amazing.


These are some of my favourite games. I could go on and on, however there is plenty of game play time here. These are classic games that have been around a while, but that means they have stood the test of time and are worth your hard earned dollars. Mac’s don’t tend to get the latest games straight away, but the older games provide a lot more enjoyment.

If you have a game you enjoy for the Mac, drop a comment.

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