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Record Audio From Mac Applications – Including Games


If you use Quicktime Player or any other screen recorder such as iShowU HD, you will find that when you record an application it will not make a noise. This means in games and other applications that produce sound, it will not be recorded. Sometimes this can be an advantage so you don’t get application sound interrupting your screen recording. However, if you are playing a game you will want to record the applications audio. To do this we need to install some special bits of software.

Record Audio From Apps

Audio from applications, and recording it is a little bit tricky. Sound from applications is treated as an output, thus is played into your speakers. However, we want to record this audio as an input to our recording device, in this example the screen recording feature in Quicktime. This is very difficult to do normally, you can get around it by turning the volume up really high and recording it off the internal microphone, this is less than ideal.

To get around this problem, download and install soundflower. This is the app that will hijack the sound output and convert it to an input.

When you have installed the applications open System Preferences and select the sound preference pane. You will notice that soundflower has been installed as an input device. Select the 2ch option.

The difference between the two options (2ch and 16ch) is the number of audio channels that will be captured. If you have a game that is outputting in surround sound you may want this audio. Most of the time however, you just want the stereo audio.

Use soundflower to capture app audio.

Use soundflower to capture app audio.

Now, when you open Quicktime and select a new audio recording it will capture all of the pings, dings and noises applications make. This means if you are recording a game, the noise it generates will be recorded.

If you record using Quicktime you can use the small down arrow by the record button to select the audio source.

You can switch between the audio source in Quicktime.

You can switch between the audio source in Quicktime.

If you want to capture audio from both a microphone (I have a Blue Snowball microphone) and applications, you will need something like iShowU. This records audio from both sources and creates two unique audio tracks. You can also use the app to mix the audio into one track.


Recording application audio is not that difficult. There is not a default way to record the audio within your Mac. You need to use something like soundflow to record the audio.

When you have it installed it is very simple to use, it is just as quick as using an internal microphone.


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