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Disable Auto Correct In Mountain Lion


Auto Correct is a great way of ensuring those little spelling mistakes are changed before you send an email or text. However, auto correct can change some words when you don’t want it to resulting in some funny and embarrassing mistakes. Within Mountain Lion you can turn it off globally. If you have excellent spelling and don’t need the assistance, you can turn it off.

Turning Off Auto Correct

Turning off auto correct is as simple as changing a preference setting. Like many of your Mac settings they can be in funny places and not aptly named.

To find the auto correct setting open System Preferences within your Applications folder. Select the Language & Text preference pane.

From the preference pane select the Text tab at the top.

There will be an option called ‘Correct Spelling Automatically’. Uncheck this box to disable auto correct.

Disable autocorrect on your Mac with a preference option.

Disable auto correct on your Mac with a preference option.

When this box is unchecked auto correct will be disabled and what you type is what will appear on the screen. No changing of words.

It is only a simple setting however it isn’t easy to find if you don’t know its location.

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