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How To Make Your Mac Run Smoother


Make your Mac run like a well oiled machine is very simple. You just need to follow some basic rules to keep your Mac in tip top shape. Today’s post is done by a guest author, and mentions some very good tips that you can use to keep you Mac running smoothly. These are good posts that I recommend you follow, although simple it is the basic tips that you should follow to ensure you have the fastest Mac possible. I would also like to add the use of software cleanup tools such as CleanMyMac.

Making Your Mac Run Smoother

Since its inception in 1984, the Mac computer has been innovative. It offers advantages you don’t see with a Windows-based personal computer. Popular Mechanics said Macs have better performance, with less freezing issues, than traditional computers running different operating systems.

According to, Mac users have more protection against spyware and other harmful viruses than most computer consumers do, but that doesn’t mean total security. Proper maintenance is the key.

Look for Memory Hogs

Macs have limitations when it comes to CPU usage. Checking the memory on your computer allows you more control. You can monitor and close apps that are hogging the CPU and open up memory for high-definition graphics and other large programs that may be slowing things down.

To access the memory logs: Click Applications –> than Utilities, then locate Activity Monitor under the Utilities section and click System Memory. Close and reopen any programs that are using copious amounts of memory.

Manage your Start Up System

In this way, an Apple is no different from a Windows computer. Programs running in the background slow things down. Many that load when you boot the Mac are unnecessary. Control the start-up process through the System Preferences section.

To access the system preferences, go to System Preferences –> Accounts –> Login Items –> Click on programs to turn them on and off.

Remove Redundant and Unnecessary Applications

A little housekeeping goes a long way when it comes to making room on your Mac. Start by removing redundant programs. There is no reason to run multiple versions of virus protection packages, for example. Take out applications you never use. If last year’s game is still there and you don’t play it anymore, uninstall to make more space.

Go through the Applications folder and trash files for programs no longer installed. There is always debris left over.

Disk Utility

Disk utility helps fix a bloated and sluggish Mac computer. This process looks for problems with the drive and repairs disk permissions. To run the Disk Utility option choose Applications –> Utilities

Update your System

The OS X system is a work in progress, as are most operating systems. There are bugs and blips that tend to effect computer operation. You can avoid some of these by keeping up to date on patches and running the current version of the operating system.

Beef up the Memory

You can always enhance the computer’s memory to improve performance. A happy Mac has plenty of RAM available. Installing more memory is not as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is replace the chips located under the memory access door at the back of the unit. If you are uncomfortable tackling the project yourself, visit an Apple store and let a tech help.

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