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Merge Calendars In Mountain Lion


If you have multiple calendars you may want to combine and merge them into one calendar. This means you can work with one calendar rather than multiple entries. There is no default way to do this within Calendar, however there is a work around that we can use. This works on the Mac, however, if you have an iOS device you can do this on your computer and the calendars will be transferred over when it is sync’d with iCloud.

Merging Calendars Into One

To merge calendars into one we are going to export and import the calendar. When you import a calendar you can chose where you want to events to go, in this case an existing calendar.

To export a calendar select it from the sidebar of calendars. Then go to File > Export > Export, you can keep the default name. Hit the Export button within the dialog box to save it to your computer.

Export the calendar, so we can then merge it with an existing one.

Export the calendar, so we can then merge it with an existing one.

The calendar contents are now saved as a file. We can now import this file and merge it within an existing one. Go to File > Import > Import and select the file you just exported.

When you click Import you will be asked where you want to put the contents. From the drop down list select an existing calendar.

Select an existing calendar to merge the contents.

Select an existing calendar to merge the contents.

When the import is complete the existing calendar will have all of the events of the previous calendar. You can now delete the original calendar and delete the export file.

It is a little laborious by exporting and then importing, however this is the quickest way to do it. You can also use this technique if you want to merge someone else’s calendar with your own.

When the events have been import iCloud will update and any changes will be reflected on your iOS device.


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