New YouTube Videos – Hidden Files, Moving iTunes & iPhoto Libraries 0


New YouTube Videos – Hidden Files, Moving iTunes & iPhoto Libraries


 MacTricksAndTips is expanding out and there is going to be some new features on this site. The first of such is Youtube videos. Over the coming weeks I will be releasing new videos on how to do some really cool things. These are a more visual way of getting some really cool tips and tricks done on your Mac. The first videos are showing hidden files and folders (a personal favourite), and how to move your iTunes and iPhoto library.

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Showing Hidden Files and Folders

There are a variety of hidden files and folders on your Mac. You can see all of these with a simple terminal command.

Move Your iTunes Library

When you iTunes library gets a bit big for your hard drive, you can move it to another hard drive.

Move Your iPhoto Library

Likewise if you hard drive is a bit full from all of your pictures you can move your iPhoto library to a different drive.

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