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Tag Files With Comments And Search For Them In Spotlight


Spotlight is a powerful tool. It can find pretty much any file on your Mac, as long as you give it something to search for. One of the powerful tools with Spotlight that isn’t used to often is the ability to tag files with comments. This way you can give a file a more accurate description, or give it key words to search by. Its a simple way to give extra metadata and information to files and make your life easier. This tip is best used if you have long, nondescript, file names that you want to keep, but need some other bit of information to enable them to be found within a search.

Tag Files In Finder

The first steps in make Finder searches more efficient is to tag files. The first step is to right click on a file and selecting “Get Info”. At the top of the window there is a text box. Within the Spotlight Comments box right some keywords. These can be tags, comments, anything to describe the file.

Tag files with the spotlight comments box.

Tag files with the spotlight comments box.

Search For Files

When you  search for files within Finder, files that have been tagged with these keywords will appear.

If you want to narrow down searches and search only for files with comments you can. Within Finder or Spotlight right the following:


This will only display files that have the spotlight comment. You can narrow down searches even further if you want to add another keyword, but not one that relates to the spotlight comment. For example if you want to search for financial files, but have spotlight comments you can write.

finances comment:abcdefghijk

It is a powerful tool to use. By tagging files with keywords you can organise you file a little bit better.

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