Speed Up Your Mac By Disabling File Previews 0


Speed Up Your Mac By Disabling File Previews


Speed is king. Although you may have a fast Mac you may always want to speed it up. Today’s post is going to discuss a neat little trick to help speed up your Mac. This process is going to disable the image previews used by your Mac within Finder. Every time you open a Finder window in icon view, you Mac has to open every file to generate a thumbnail preview of the image. This slows you Mac down, especially those with slow hard drives, due to it having to access everything single file. By turning this functionality off it is a lot quicker to open and access files within icon mode in Finder.

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Disabling Icon Preview

To disable the icon preview go to View > Show View Options, alternatively press Command + J. This will bring up the view options for that Finder window.

Disable Icon Previews using the view options.

Disable Icon Previews using the view options.

You will immediately notice that the Finder window will revert back to the default icons. This effect is best seen on an image folder.

You can apply this effect to just select folders. However, if you want to apply it to every folder on your Mac press the ‘Use as Defaults’ button at the bottom of the window. This will use this setting as the default for every folder.

It is a little speed increase, but one that can help for Mac’s with slow hard drives.

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