Video: Advance Spotlight Searches And Results 0


Video: Advance Spotlight Searches And Results


A new video has been published on the MacTricksAndTips channel. Today’s video is on more advance techniques to find files and folders within spotlight. These are more complicated than adding a search term and looking through the list. It allows you to find the exact file you want by adding various different criteria. It is a long video over 10 minutes long so it pack with plenty of knowledge. I wanted to split these videos out, but it was better and easier to understand as one video.

Advance Spotlight Searches

You can watch the video using the player below or on YouTube itself. The video goes into detail on finding system files, files by kind (file type), files by size and combining search terms. This post follows on from posts written previous about searching for systems files and advance search techniques. If you have enjoyed the video please subscribe the the channel.

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