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Add An Eject Disk Menu Bar Option


If you still use CD’s and DVD’s on your Mac, and have not replaced it with an SSD drive, you may want to eject these disk when you have finished with them. Today’s handy tip is going to show you the location of a menu item that puts a small eject button within the menu bar. This is a handy one click option for ejecting disk on your Mac. Its another option to add in addition to the keyboard button and dragging disk into the Trash.

To find the location of this secret button use the Go > Go To Folder option within Finder to open the following directory:

/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/

This folder contains a lot of menu bar apps that control a variety of different features on your Mac.

Within this folder double click on:

This will put a menu bar item where you can eject disks. This only works with physical disks and not disk images.

Ejecting disk images from the menu bar.

Ejecting disk images from the menu bar.

To remove the option from the menu bar hold down command button and drag the option off the menu bar.


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