Open Files In Quicklook Using A Trackpad Gesture 0


Open Files In Quicklook Using A Trackpad Gesture


For those Mac users who have a laptop with a trackpad, or have bought the magic track pad. You can do a myriad of different things with a swipe, swish or finger movement. Most of these are pretty useful, however I have come across by accident a really useful, world changing finger movement that will revolutionise the way you use your Mac. If you hover over a file and three finger tap, it will open this file within quicklook.

This is very useful. No longer do you need to open the file within the app to see it, or stretch the millimetres needed to reach the space bar. You can tap away. The three finger tap will also close quicklook.

There are some small caveats. For example if you are viewing the desktop you need to have it selected in order for the gesture to work. This is the same within Finder. You can’t, unfortunately open the file within Quicklook without Finder being selected.


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