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Turn Off Auto Complete In Safari


Safari has a feature built into the app to auto fill certain forms. For example, if you have a search box on a website, it will remember previous searches, giving you those results next time your visit. It also has more advance features such as being able to enter your personal details from your contact card. These auto fill features are useful in some cases, however I personally prefer to have them turned off. Most of the times it never gets my details in the correct boxes, and I am really not interested in seeing what my previous searches were.

Turning Off Auto Complete

To turn off auto complete, open Safari’s preferences from the menu bar. This is located under Safari > Preferences. From the options, select the autofill tab.

You have three options in the auto fill tab.

You have three options in the auto fill tab.

The first option, will turn off the option when filling out forms with personal information. It will not get your contact details and try and fill out the relevant forms. The second option will not autofill usernames and passwords. I would recommend you keep this turned on as it is pretty useful.

The final option, which is probably the one you want to turn off, this is the other forms options. This includes search forms on websites and any other forms which you may fill in. This is usually the annoying one.

If you press the edit buttons, you can edit the options. Edit on the contacts option, will open contacts and allow you to change your contact details. The second option, with regards to user names and passwords, will open the security tab and give you access to your stored passwords. The final option will allow you to edit which sites it will remember web forms form. You can remove sites from this list.

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