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Add Half Stars To iTunes Ratings


This is a quick terminal tip for those using iTunes. Within iTunes you can normally give whole star ratings to music. This little tip will allow you to give half a star. So you can give 3 and half stars. If you hate a song that much you can also give it only half a star. It is a simple terminal trick which involves using Terminal to change a preference.

Open terminal within Applications > Utilities. When open copy and paste the following command and hit enter.

defaults write allow-half-stars -bool true

Restart iTunes.

Now when you select a star rating and drag to the right or left you can add half a star. You can still do the whole start ratings.

Half star ratings. Very useful.

Half star ratings. Very useful.

If you want to remove this command, within terminal again copy and paste the following:

defaults write allow-half-stars -bool false

iTunes will need to be restarted. Any existing half star ratings will be lost and it appears the value rounded down to the nearest star.

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