5 Simple Tips To Speed Up Your Mac – Guest Post 1


5 Simple Tips To Speed Up Your Mac – Guest Post

If you feel like you are waiting too long for your Mac to boot up and applications seem to take an eternity to launch, then you can try these 5 simple tips to speed up your Mac. It is inevitable that through the constant use of your Mac, it will start to become bogged down by all the programs and data you install. These 5 tips will hopefully restore your Mac to feeling like new or very close to new. This is a guest post, on some simple but useful tips.

Clean Up Your Hard Drive

The first step is to clean up your hard drive. The amount of free hard drive space you have available can affect the performance of your Mac. Your Mac needs hard drive space to perform the necessary functions; however, if there is only a small amount of free space, it will naturally take longer to execute each action.

Remove any unnecessary files or back up all your files on a separate hard drive to free up more room on your Mac. Cleaning up your desktop will also speed up your Mac, as each folder and file on your desktop uses your computer’s resources. MacTricksAndTips recommends CleanMyMac

Monitor Your Apps

Background apps can be the culprit behind a slow Mac. The more apps you download and install, the more apps there will be running in the background that could be hogging your computer’s resources. To check app activity you will have to use the Activity Monitor which can be found in Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor. If you are unfamiliar with the Activity Monitor, here is a guide by Apple that details how to make sense and use the Activity Monitor.

Activity Monitor is used to see the health of your system.

Activity Monitor is used to see the health of your system.

Manage Your Login Items

Reduce your Mac’s boot time by managing the amount of apps that launch on start-up. The more apps that launch on start-up, the longer it takes since you will have to wait for each app to load before your computer finishes its start-up.

To manage your login items go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items. From this application you can uncheck any applications you don’t need on start-up. This will drastically reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for your computer to start-up since you no longer have to wait for all your apps to load.

Clear Your Cache

Your cache is data downloaded from your internet usage or disk space used by your applications to complete their actions. The data inside your cache is temporary data that can be cleared to speed up your Mac. To clear your cache you can use a program such as CleanMyMac.

Upgrade Your Mac

If you feel like you want more performance from your Mac, you could consider upgrading the hardware. Upgrading the RAM will provide an instant performance boost. However Macs are known to be notoriously hard to upgrade, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. You could bring it into an official Apple store and see if you can buy an upgrade or bring it to a computer shop who specializes in Mac upgrades and services.

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