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Move Your iMovie 10 Library In Mac OS X Mavericks


We have a rather simple post today that is dedicated to moving your iMovie library to a different folder or hard drive, including external ones. In the latest version of iMove 10, that comes bundled with Mac OS X Mavericks, you have a movie library. This has a similar functionality as iPhoto, although for your movies. By default when you first open your iMovie it will create the iMovie library in your users folder. You can move this library which is particularly useful if you have a small hard drive such as a Solid State Drive or want to put it on an external drive.

Moving Your iMovie Library

Moving your iMovie library is a simple process. The method I have found the most reliable is the method described below.

Find your iMovie library within Finder, usually located in your Users/Movies folder.

Once the move is complete, double click on the iMovies library. This will open it up within iMovies and re-associate any links. Once this is done you can continue working as normal.

You can move your iMovie library.

You can move your iMovie library.

The only problem I have encountered is that projects may update when you first open them. Every so often a background image used within a movie may be missing.

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