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How To Make Your Mac Efficient for Gaming


We have a guest post today all about gaming on your Mac. I love computer, I don’t get the most time to play although I do try and get a couple of hours in every now and then. Most gaming is done on mobile devices. This post is going to discuss how to set up your Mac to be an efficient gaming machine. The tips are obvious although if you find yourself slowing down they are solutions to follow. I recommend getting a solid state hard drive, as this allows quicker file openings which allow maps and features to load quicker.

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Having An Efficient Gaming Machine

There was a time, not too long ago, when gaming on a Mac was more of a fantasy than a reality. Nowadays, Mac users have access to a wide array of gaming options, meaning you can get to saving the world, solving puzzles and overthrowing a terrorist organization in no time.

Of course, you’re going to need to put in a little bit of work if you want your Mac to evolve into a real-life gaming machine. It’s a completely painless process, though, primarily focused on freeing up space and speeding up your rig in order to get it ship shape for some gaming goodness.

Make some room

First and foremost, you’re going to need a lot of room to play these games. The vast majority of PC/Mac gaming is done in digital form, meaning you’ll be downloading entire games if you want to be able to play them. Some of these bad boys, like the PC version of Battlefield 4, for instance, can take up to 50 or so gigabytes. After you start downloading a bunch of games, that space really starts to add up. As noted by Make Tech Easier, the most basic requirements for computer gaming is at least two gigs of RAM and a lot of space.

Find those programs you downloaded years ago that never get used anymore and uninstall them. Got a collection of music from the 80’s that you never listen to anymore or a bunch of movies that don’t deserve additional viewings? Get rid of them. Take a look at your various bits of software, decide if anything is taking up unnecessary space and get to trimming the fat.

Download Steam

While plenty of games can be purchased directly from their own websites, the easiest way to get into computer gaming these days is through digital distribution sites, the most popular of which is Steam. Steam offers a wide variety of games for Mac in every genre, including action, adventure, puzzle, RPG, sports, driving, first-person shooters and more. The nice thing about Steam is that it serves as your one-stop shop for all things gaming, giving you easy access to your library of purchased games, the ability to chat with your friends, achievements for your various in-game accomplishments and more. Steam also offers a few door-buster sales a year, meaning that you’ll be able to game on the cheap if you’re willing to pick and choose your titles wisely. There’s even a curated list of games playable on Mac, meaning it’s easier than ever to know exactly which games you should be able to run on your machine.

Turn off background programs

One thing that can slow down your gaming is having various apps and OSX features running in the background that you don’t need. Most antivirus software comes with a “game mode” feature that lets you game more smoothly by disabling the features running in the background. If you aren’t using the program when you’re gaming (which basically includes any program but the game itself), make sure you’ve got it turned off before jumping into your latest digital adventure.

Game on!

So you’re ready to game on your Mac. You’ve cleared up some space, turned off those pesky background programs and are ready to dive in head first. Now for the big question: What are you going to play? Thankfully, Mac Life writer Andrew Hayward has taken care of some of the leg work for you, compiling a list of 25 great Mac games you could be playing at this very moment. The list includes BioShock Infinite, Gone Home, The Walking Dead, Limbo and more. Pretty much every genre imaginable is covered here, so consider it a great place to start when building your Mac gaming library.

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