Video: Checking Disk Permissions & Your Hard Drive 0


Video: Checking Disk Permissions & Your Hard Drive


A new video is on the MacTricksAndTips YouTube Channel. It discusses the importance of checking your hard drive for errors and fixing permissions. This is a task that you have to do every couple of months if you want to keep your Mac in tip top shape. Fixing permissions helps keep your Mac in good working order. Checking and fixing your hard drive, which is done in the same app, allows you to ensure that your hard drive will not fail or cause any errors.

The video goes into fixing disk permissions and then onto fixing the hard drive itself. I actually encountered a problem when I made this video with my hard drive, the disk checker threw up a few errors, so it is vitally important that you check. The end of the video also discuss how to remove the lost+found folder that can appear when you fix your hard drive.

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