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Video: Disabling Notifications In Safari 0


Video: Disabling Notifications In Safari

We have a brand new video today on the MacTricksAndTips channel. Previously I have discussed how to disable notification centre messages. A lot of apps send you a message which appears in the notification centre. Websites are now slowly moving towards this trend of sending you messages when they post new content. If you are tired of this feature you can disable the messages. This is done within the Safari preferences which allows you to disable the messages for each individual site. It is a tip that you may need every so often.

Save Disk Space By Removing Twitter Cache Images 0


Save Disk Space By Removing Twitter Cache Images

I was having a dig through my hard drive to try and reclaim some space and stumbled across something that was a space hog. The twitter app (my profile is here) cache for profile images. Although a tool such as CleanMyMac, which I use regularly use, cleans up caches this is one that it missed. This cache had nearly 2Gb’s of profile images which took up a significant chuck of disk space. This is a quick guide on how to find this folder and delete the files.

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