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5 Quick Tips For Cleaning Space On Your Mac


I am always on the hunt to have as much free disk space as possible. Since we all have limited hard drive space it is useful to keep your Mac as lean as possible so you can fill it with stuff you actually want. Rather than wondering where it has all gone, this post is going to show you 5 quick tips that allow you to keep that Mac in tip top shape. Most are rather simple, but often forgotten, a couple are slightly more complicated but give you create one off hits in keeping your Mac clean.

If you think this is all a bit long winded I recommend a tool called CleanMyMac, I use it regularly to remove the junk I don’t need plus it has some cool features that make deleting stuff you don’t need easy and fun.

1) Clear The Downloads Folder

A simple one to start with. You download things from the internet nearly everyday. If you don’t regularly clean our your Downloads folder it will increase in size unchecked. Those hundreds of small files will begin to add up. Check your Downloads folder and clean out the large files and the old files. If you haven’t opened them in more than a year, chances are you won’t open them again.

If usually ends up so big, because you tend to have the original downloaded zip/compressed file and then the extracted files. Chances are you may have two copies of the same thing.

The downloads folder can get pretty big.

The downloads folder can get pretty big.

2) Empty The Trash

Another super simple one that is on the list, but one that a lot of people can forget. The Trash folder, again, if left unchecked will ballon in size. Little files begin to add up and will soon take up your storage space. Many people don’t regularly delete there Trash folder and I have seen some huge folders in the past.

Trash folder. A dungeon of large files.

Trash folder. A dungeon of large files.

3) Remove iOS Backups

Something slightly more complicated, but one that can take up a lot of disk space. Overtime you plug in your iPhone or iPad, it will download and sync the data and create a backup. This can taken up a lot of space. You should delete the old versions of the backups as they will on longer be needed.

To do this go to Finder select Go from the menu bar and then select ‘Go To Folder’. Within this folder type: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/ and press return.

You will see a number of folders, with long titles. The date in which this folder was create signifies the age of the backup. You can delete the old backups that are no longer needed.

4) Remove iTunes Library Backups

On a similar vein to deleting old iOS backups, you can do the same with old iTunes Library backups. Go to ~/Music/iTunes/Previous iTunes Libraries and delete the old backups that are no longer needed.

5) Clean Up Photos Library

A rather simple one, this may take a little longer. Those hundreds of photos you take from your iPhone or iPad, camera or other device will begin to build up disk space on your Mac. Do you really need hundreds of selfies?

This will take more time to complete, but go through your old photos and delete the ones you don’t need. These files taken up many megabytes of space, but cleaning them out can save you a lot.


Hopefully these five simple tips will help you clean up your Mac. They are simple and they don’t take a long time to do, however doing them every so often will allow you to keep that free disk space for the future.

If you want a more automated method, I do recommend a tool like CleanMyMac. It takes the hassle out of doing this sort of thing.

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