Four More Quick Tips To Increase Disk Space 0


Four More Quick Tips To Increase Disk Space


A couple of days ago I post a small article on how to keep your Mac clean and maximise as much space as possible. Today’s post is going to feature four more quick tips which have been sent in by readers of the site. These are simple and easy to complete, but allow you to maximise as much disk space as possible on your Mac. I like to do these little tasks every couple of weeks to ensure that I keep the clutter down.

If you want a more automated method of cleaning your Mac, I recommend Clean My Mac. I use this tool regularly as it can clean areas of my Mac that are slightly more difficult to do.

1) Deleting Apps

A rather simple tip, but an area on your hard drive that a lot of people forget about. You Applications folder can take up a lot of space if you don’t keep it in check. Apps are large and take up a lot of space. With the advent of a lot of free apps, you can forget about them. So open your applications folder and go down the list to see what you have never used and move it to the Trash. A quick way to get back a lot of space.

2) Remove iOS Software Updates

Each time your iPhone or iPad updates, it can take up a lot of space. Sometimes, iTunes isn’t the best at cleaning up these files so you can go in and manually delete them. Open Finder and select Go > Go To Folder. Enter the following: ~/Library/iTunes/ then navigate to the iPad Software Updates or iPhone Software Updates. You can then delete any old update files as they are no longer needed.

3) Reboot Mac – Sleep Files

Each time you put your Mac to sleep, it will right the contents of your RAM to your hard drive so you can quickly get back up to speed when you take it out of sleep. These files can get very big and the OS isn’t the best at keep these files in control. A quick way to get back a couple of gigabytes is to restart your Mac. This will clear the sleep files and start a fresh. It may not always work, but is a quick and simple trick.

4) Rebuild Mailbox

Another quick tip, but one that can save a bit of disk space. Mail can get a bit disorganised after while and a quick way to sort everything out is to rebuild the mail box. To do this open Mail, select Mailbox > Rebuild. It may take sometime, but it will ensure that everything is where it should be and it will delete and old stuff that is no longer requires (but keep everything else intact).


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