Saving Disk Space Within Mail By Cleaning Out Large Attachments 0


Saving Disk Space Within Mail By Cleaning Out Large Attachments


We all seem to use Mail, or other email apps regularly. With the advent of larger Mail boxes and faster internet speeds, attachments to emails become more common. I regularly get emails from people and friends with images, files and PDF’s. These 1mb+ files don’t seem to big on there own. However, once you start adding them up they take up a lot of disk space, and if you have a web based email provider a lot of space in your allowed storage space. This post is going to show you too methods to keep these attachments in check.

Use An App

The first method is to use an app. A quicker more refined way of doing this task. I recommend CleanMyMac. It will search through your emails (among other things), find the big attachments and organise them by size and by type.


Removing large emails with CleanMyMac.

Removing large emails with CleanMyMac.

Simply select which attachments you want to delete then press the big clean button. This will remove the attachments from your emails and get you back some needed disk space. In this case I have over 800Mb worth of attachments. Thats quite a lot.

Use A Smart Mailbox

If you don’t want to use CleanMyMac, there is a more manual method that you can use. This involves a smart mailbox that will search through all of your emails. The advantage of this method is that it will show you the email that it is attached to, although it can be quite tricky within Mail to just delete the attachment.

Within Mail, go to Mailbox > Smart Mailbox from the menu bar. From there we can set the rules required to find the attachments. From the drop down list, ensure you select the ‘Contains Attachments’ option. It may be worth selecting the check box to include messages from the sent mailbox, as most of the space can be taken by you sending emails to other people.

A smart mailbox can find those big emails.

A smart mailbox can find those big emails.

You will then be given the list of emails with attachments. You can then review the emails and delete the emails your don’t want. On review I have a lot of emails of random junk just sent to myself so I can use them later.

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