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The Best Usenet Newsgroup Readers For Mac OS X 1


The Best Usenet Newsgroup Readers For Mac OS X

I have received a couple of emails the past couple of days regarding usenet newsgroup readers and nzb downloading apps. Its a popular, albeit old method of reading news and finding help. The advantage of it is that the posts are global, so you can communicate with the world. I read the latest mac news, of which I have found some helpful advice, on the mac newsgroup. Therefore, I give my list of the top newsgroup readers. If you wish to access the latest newsgroups, I get my subscription through giganews.

Great Games To Play On Your Mac 1


Great Games To Play On Your Mac

I love playing video games, wether they are on an XBox, Playstation or your Mac. They take you into a world that is fun and allows you to experience worlds that you could only dream of. Today’s post is all about fun games that you should play. I have featured games that are more than simple iPad games that you play while you are waiting for your train. Each has a story, levels and some difficult bits to make it a challenge. All of these posts are digitals downloads, from various sources including the MacGameStore, Steam or the App Store. Many can be found on a variety of different sources. If you would like a hard copy, most can be found on Amazon, however it is sometimes difficult to find the Mac version.

Delete Unneeded Files To Optimise Your System 0


Delete Unneeded Files To Optimise Your System

I like a fast running Mac, and don’t want any bloated applications or system files tagging along filling up my disk. Since I have installed a solid state hard drive, space has been a premium. Therefore it is paramount to clean up unnecessary space and remove files and folders that are not needed. Not only does cleaning up unnecessary files save space, it can also speed up your Mac to a certain extend as you Mac doesn’t have to load or scan these files. To help me remove unnecessary files I am going to use Clean My Mac 2, one of my favourite apps that has recently been updated and cleans up far more of your disk than previous versions of the app.

Solve Any Equation With Soulver For Mac 0


Solve Any Equation With Soulver For Mac

If you want to work something complicated out, usually with number, you take out your calculator, or fire up a spreadsheet. You then enter all your numbers and hope you don’t make a mistake, or even worst you end up entering all the required numbers, get distracted and then have to start again. The app I have found to save myself a lot of time and effort is Soulver. It is an interactive way of solving problems. Instead of just typing numbers you can write your problems down, where the app will take these values and interpret them. No longer do you have to work with equations, you can work with words.

Create Time Lines On Your Mac 0


Create Time Lines On Your Mac

If you fail to plan,you plan to fail. A quote attributed to many people and regularly used at people who don’t adequately plan their projects. Planning your project is very useful in ensuring that you complete all of the required work in the time frame given. Today I am going to give a quick review of OmniPlan, one of the best timeline and project planning apps for your Mac. Its a very useful piece of software that can allow you to outline every part of your project with a high level of detail.

Icomania – Guess The Word – A Fun iOS App 0


Icomania – Guess The Word – A Fun iOS App

I like really fun iPhone or iPad apps. The best ones are fun, simple to use and best of all free. Today I am going to give you a quick review of a game that I have being playing for the last couple of days. Its called Icomania, its a game in which you have to guess what the simple, iconic imagery is showing you. It starts off simple, and mostly obvious, but as you move through the game it gets more and more difficult, as the clues become more complex, and the items you are guessing more obscure.

Ten Addicting Games For Your iPhone or iPad 0


Ten Addicting Games For Your iPhone or iPad

iPhone and iPad games are very popular, I spend far too much time playing them. The problem with addictive games is that they suck your time away. One game turns into two, which turns into three, before you know it you have lost an hour of your life. I am going to list ten of my favourite and most addicting games. All are fun, have good graphics and have that one more game mentality. Before long you will have wondered where you life has gone. Each game is presented in no particular order.

Speeding Up Your Mac By Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files 1


Speeding Up Your Mac By Cleaning Up Unnecessary Files

Your Mac has many built in features to help it run smoothly and efficiently. However, over time it will build up caches and logs of various files that you really don’t need. Removing them will allow you to speed up your Mac, remove disk space and have an efficient running Mac. I am going to use a popular piece of software called CleanMyMac, this piece of software will allow you to remove the unnecessary junk from your Mac.

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