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Mac Apps For Your New Apple Mac 2


Mac Apps For Your New Apple Mac

A couple of days ago I posted about some cool Mac accessories for you new Mac you may have bought or received at Christmas. Today’s post is a follows on and will discuss some recommend apps you can buy from the app store for your shiny new Mac. I have only listed a couple of different apps, however each of them I think deserve to be on your operating system. Most are very useful and will certainly improve your productivity or help you work with your Mac. I have only listed a couple of games, I believe the initial game offering by Apple is poor.

Organise Your Tasks With Eisenpower For Mac 1


Organise Your Tasks With Eisenpower For Mac

I have reviewed one or two different Mac apps for organising your life. The previous app was a simple one called Clear. Today is another unique app called Eisenpower. Its another task based app for making sure you do everything in your life that you mean on doing. It is slightly different to other applications in that there are four panels in which you place your task, things to do first, items to schedule, items to delegate and finally items you plan on doing but will never get round to going to them.

Create Your Own, Unique iPhone Wallpapers With Ensoul App 0


Create Your Own, Unique iPhone Wallpapers With Ensoul App

Your iPhone wallpapers says a lot about you. Is it of a swanky car, a loved one, or that awesome tip to Timbuktu? Which ever picture you choose it is always good to have to well taken and looking good to match your phone. This is where Ensoul comes in. It is a Mac app designed to make sure your iPhone wallpapers look good. It takes your images, allows you to apply effects and the ability to line them up with your device and then export them directly to your phone. It makes making cool iPhone wallpapers a breeze.

Day One – Journal App For The Mac 0


Day One – Journal App For The Mac

Journals were a popular way of keeping record of various day to day activities. I remember starting one at school, although I cam to believe that they were just used to spy on us. However, journals have been bought into the modern age with Day One. It is designed as a modern way to record your daily thoughts, images and other day every day. It takes the old diary format of writing, and adds a modern Mac twist to allow you to keep a record. Its a great, well designed app, and if you love writing and journals this is the app.

Create Photo Collages With Choco For Mac 0


Create Photo Collages With Choco For Mac

We take pictures by the dozen. With the advent of cameras in phones and other devices, we generate hundreds of pictures. Although we print them out and post them to sites such as Facebook, its also cool to display them in a different manner. Collages are a fun and interesting way of displaying photos, allowing you to group pictures together for an event and print them out in one go. I remember making them at school and always liked what I made. Today we are going to bring this into the digital age with Choco, a Mac app especially built for designing collages with your favourite photos.

Hide Files And Folders On Your Mac With Hider App 0


Hide Files And Folders On Your Mac With Hider App

Although your Mac is reasonably secure, it is unlikely that your file are to be stolen. However, if you want that extra piece of mind in hiding your files from prying eyes you want a simple app that can do it for you. Today’s post is all about showing you how to hide these files and folders, such as financial documents, or super secret files you want want opening by other people. Its going to use a simple app called Hider. Its designed to quickly hide your files with ease.

Star Wars Angry Birds – App Review 1


Star Wars Angry Birds – App Review

Star Wars. I love the movies, the games, the lore. With the advent of new Star Wars movies its a good time to be a fan. The guys at Rovio have developed Angry Birds Star Wars, a sci-fi twist on the classic game that is available for Mac, iPhone and iPad. If you love the older games, or want to get into a Angry Birds franchise this is a great game to past the time and have a bit of fun. It has all of the classic parts of Angry Birds, but then a Star Wars twist, where all of the original characters and themes add added in.

Gemini App Review- Find and Delete Duplicate Files 0


Gemini App Review- Find and Delete Duplicate Files

Files that come in duplicate are really not needed. Although hard drive space is cheap, having the same file twice can clutter up your Finder window and make working if your files difficult and time consuming. The best way to get rid of them is to find duplicates. Todays app is smart, it will find duplicate files for you quickly and get rid of them for you. The app is Gemini and is a well designed, fast, app designed for getting rid of files that have a clone.

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