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Radium Menu Bar Competition Winners 2


Radium Menu Bar Competition Winners

Good Afternoon. A couple of days ago I had a review and competition of Radium Radio Player. Within it there has a small competition which allowed a couple of you to win a copy of the app. Anyway, I have put your names into a random number generator and we have some winners. Your email […]

Today Competition Winners 2


Today Competition Winners

If you cast you minds back I had a competition running last week, its was for 3 copies for Today an iCal Helper. The competition had many entrants and I am writing this post to announce the winners. I should have done this yesterday or Friday, but I forgot.

Today iCal Helper – Competition 56


Today iCal Helper – Competition

A couple of days ago I did a review of Today by SecondGearSoftware, its a little iCal helper. I really like the app and I have been using quite a bit over the last couple of days. The authors of the program have been really kind and granted me 3 licenses to give away for this app.

iTunes $10 Competition – Winners 0


iTunes $10 Competition – Winners

If you remember yesterday I had a quick competition on an iTunes Competition. I had one $10 voucher which I couldn’t use so I am giving it away. Out of the 62 entries there can only be one winner. Using a random number generator I picked the following number won.

Win a $10 iTunes Voucher – Quick Competition 66


Win a $10 iTunes Voucher – Quick Competition

If you cast you minds back to last week I mentioned about iCandy. The app where you make barcodes from your digital media and you can send them to family and friends. Anyway they were offering a deal where you can get a $10 iTunes voucher for submitting feedback. I received one of these vouchers. I can’t use it since I am in the UK so I cam going to give it away.

Winners of MacCleanse or MacPilot 1


Winners of MacCleanse or MacPilot

Sorry this is slightly late, uni work always seems to get the better of me. Anyway I am pleased to announce the winners of MacCleanse or MacPilot. As the rules stated the first person picked will win what they want, second will win what they want and so on. I hope you guys get what you requested, made it really hard for me to get the order right.

Win A Copy Of MacPilot or MacCleanse 136


Win A Copy Of MacPilot or MacCleanse

Its been a couple of weeks since we have last done a competition, so it sounds like I should do another one. This one is slightly different as I am offering up two different apps courtesy of Koingo. As a winner you get to chose the one you want. There are 2 copies of MacPilot and 2 copies of MacCleanse up for grabs. As usual the competition will last a week, all you have to do is leave a comment.

FixTunes Winners 1


FixTunes Winners

Last week I put up a post where you could win a copy of FixTunes. This post is designed to pick the lucky winners of this competition. There was a massive response (I think I got Stumbled) so there was lots ofentries . I have put all your entries into a random number crunching machine. The winners emails have been sent to the authors so you should get your serial soon.

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