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Win A Copy of FixTunes + Review 96


Win A Copy of FixTunes + Review

Quite a while ago I mentioned about a new sponsor of MacTricksAndTips, FixTunes. They have kindly let one of you lucky guys win one of four codes for there application. This means you get the application for free. This competition was going to be planned for earlier in the week, although one thing leading to another and various bumps along the road have caused it to be delayed. Anyway, this post will tell you a bit about the application and your chance to win. It will run in a similar fashion to the ActionGear competition I held earlier this month.

ActionGear Winners 0


ActionGear Winners

What seems like an age, I posted about an ActionGear Competition. This competition entitled you to win one copy of the ActionGear to-do program. Very cool. Anyway, using a highly sophisticated process of using a random number generator I have come up with the following winners. I have emailed the author of ActionGear and your serials should be coming over the Internet anytime soon.

Reminder: Action Gear Competition Ending 3


Reminder: Action Gear Competition Ending

This is just a gentle reminder for all of you that the ActionGear competition I am currently running will end tomorrow. ActionGear is a to-do style program which you can use to enter to-dos and organise your life. Many people have found the program to be more powerful and feature rich than the equivalent in iCal and Mail.

Action Gear Mini-Review + Competition 32


Action Gear Mini-Review + Competition

If you cast your mind back a couple of days a new sponsor of the site joined the ranks. This site was ActionGear. They have kindly offered as part of there promotion’s a competition to give away three (3) licenses of there new application ActionGear. You can win a new copy without having to do much at all. This post it self will split down into two sections one for the mini review so you know whatActionGear is about and the competition with the rules and regulations.

Competitions Winners 7


Competitions Winners

If you cast you mind back, over two weeks ago I did two competitions for Sugar Sync and Pages Templates.The competition closed last night. But due to time constraints I was unable to pick a winner and write a post. But, now is the lucky time for a couple of winners to receive some prizes. I wont be giving them out directly, I will forward your emails on to the companies who own the product and they will send you your prize.

Competition Reminder 0


Competition Reminder

This post is a gentle reminder that the two competitions on Mac Tricks And Tips are about to end. Both the Pages Competition and the Sugar Sync Competition will run till the 16th of July. So you have only two days left to enter. There is still a chance that you could win.

Sugar Sync Give Away Competition 13


Sugar Sync Give Away Competition

I am very please to announce that I have available 3 copies of Sugar Sync 30Gb anual subscriptions. If you haven’t already read my review. Sugar Sync is the online syncing utility that enables you to keep files and folder sync’d up on different computers. It enables you to keep the same file backed up and correct accross your computers.

To enable you to win one copy of Sugar Sync 30Gb Anual package. Sign up free to Sugar Sync (no credit card required), use the program and applications. Then, by leaving a comment below, how you would use the product.

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