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Backup Solutions For The Mac 5


Backup Solutions For The Mac

Backup’s are very important. You should always have more than one backup if you are serious about making sure your data stays in one piece. Its ok backing them up to disk but what happens if you lost that disk or it doesn’t work. This post will hopefully explain some of the different ways in which you can back up your data. I recommend you pick two different options to make sure you don’t lose everything.

Increase Hard Disk Storage Space On Your Mac 10


Increase Hard Disk Storage Space On Your Mac

Disk space is a funny thing. You buy a disk, think it will last you ages and then half a year later you are pushed for space. This has happened to my MacBook Pro. The 120Gb hard drive inside is nearly full, and the 150Gb external drive powering both a Time Machine backup and some general storage is pushing 100% capacity. As a result I need more space. I am going to discuss with you today, how you can increase the disk space on your Mac by plugging in new hard drives giving you that all important space.

Apple At The Olympic Games 0


Apple At The Olympic Games

I’m loving the Olympics at the moment. All the sport on all the time on TV it is great. Anyway I was intrigued by an article over at Macworld. It mentioned about the Mac production room that has been set up by Apple for photographers to edit there photos using Aperture. A great marketing move. I wanted to discuss this topic a bit more. As well as gauge your thoughts on such a topic. If I was a photographer I would love some free Mac Pros to work with. This post is sort of a discussion/roundup, which I wanted to share with you.

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