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Add A Preferences Stack 5


Add A Preferences Stack

This tip was an idea of my friend. If you use System Preferences a lot, you may want a quick way of accessing the panes. This little trick is designed to show a simple and easy way to add such a stack to your dock. It does take a little bit of work to set it up. But the results are very useful.

Hide A Programs Dock Icon 7


Hide A Programs Dock Icon

This is only a quick tip, but it is very useful. If you remember a long time ago, or so it seems, I mentioned how to stop the dock icon of an AppleScript from bouncing. I was bored this morning so I decided to have a play with this small piece of code and see if it would effect anything else. Alas, it does and you can hide any programs dock icon. Useful if you have an application which you want to run constantly but you don’t want its dock icon (SETI@Home comes to mind).

Make Your Own Dock 7


Make Your Own Dock

It is very simple to make your own dock in Leopard. It involves only changing a couple of files. They don’t take long and the result can look really good. You just need to make sure that the files you change are the correct dimensions and file names. If you change the files and name them incorrectly you dock ends up flying all over the place, with it appearing a disappearing every time you move and hover over a file.

Add A Gradient Behind Icons In Stacks 0


Add A Gradient Behind Icons In Stacks

This is another “improvement” that you can add to improve the look of stacks. What this hack does is add a gradient background to any item you hover over in a stack. The result of this means you get a cool graphical effect as shown in the conveniently placed picture below.

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