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Set The View Options In Finder 0


Set The View Options In Finder

Finder has an interesting option where you can lock the view options of a Finder folder. For example, the applications folder is normally lock by name. This can be very useful if you always want to see a folder in a particular order. Changing the view option is a simple step and can make your life easier if you always want Finder to display files in a particular order. This tip can also be used if you can’t change the way Finder orders files, such as by name or date used.

Keeping Your Mac Safe From Harm 2


Keeping Your Mac Safe From Harm

Every one wants to keep there Mac safe from harm, whether it be from physical attack, such as it being stolen or from cyber attack from some intent on giving you a bad day. Inspired by the review of WatchMac I did the other day, I was having a look around the Internet for a couple of different ideas on how to keep you Mac safe from yourself and other users. This post will list a couple of different tips and tricks ranging from the simple, to the slightly more complicated.

Increase Refresh Time For Folders 0


Increase Refresh Time For Folders

If you have some folder Applescript or Automator work flows attached to a folder you may find out that it takes quite a while for them to begin running. If you are waiting for something to happen, you may be waiting up to three minutes for the action to run. You can change this polling time with a simple Applescript to change the value. This will hopefully speed up the interval in which scripts are executed and allowed to run.

Quickly Print Files From Finder 5


Quickly Print Files From Finder

I am for ever sending files to the printer, for what ever reason, I want a quick way to print those files from Finder. Usually you would have to open the file in your chosen application, what for everything to load, go to print and then pick it up. That takes to long. This post will show you two quick ways to print a file without the need to setup all of the various settings. It will throw it out of your printer as quick as possible.

Good Saving Habits On Your Mac 1


Good Saving Habits On Your Mac

This was a request by Jim on recommendations for good saving habits. Everyone has the odd file thrown anywhere and it can be really annoying to find it again when you need it. Although you do have Spotlight to find the file you are looking for, it is often quicker and easier to find files by looking for them yourself. This post is designed to show Mac newbies (andveterans) good saving habits. It does work out better in the long run.

Amazing Mac Wallpapers (Collection) 7


Amazing Mac Wallpapers (Collection)

In a previous post about a great Mac wallpaper some one asked about compiling a list of great wallpapers for the Mac. I like good wallpapers. Some pieces of art are amazing and are definitely worth being adorned on your desktop. This post is not going to go through a list specific wallpapers, as peoples tastes vary, as well as this it would probably kill my bandwidth. I am going to link to collections which you should check out and every so often cite good examples. As always if you have a good site or wallpaper please leave a comment.

Adding A Trash Stack 2


Adding A Trash Stack

This is quick post which many of you find useful. For any one who has Leopard and uses stacks, a Trash stack may be very useful. Normally you can’t put a Trash stack in the dock since you don’t have access to to the Trash folder itself it can be quite hard to do, but there is a work around.

Finding The Folder Path 6


Finding The Folder Path

This will just be a quick tip today since I have a lot of work on. Coursework + Exams leaves you with hardly any free time. Anyway this is just a simple tip to help you find the path of the folder you are in.

The quickest way to find the path is Command + Click on the title in the Finder window. This will show you the path of the Finder window you are in.

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