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Play Better Games On Your iPod 5


Play Better Games On Your iPod

The games on iPods are, frankly, a bit boring. Thankfully some cleaver people have managed to put a small installation of linux onto an iPod but some top quality games on there. Some games include, doom, poker and a whole manner of other. Great fun if you have an old iPod and don’t mind hacking the software to bits.

Foldit – Solve Puzzles For Science 1


Foldit – Solve Puzzles For Science

Since games for Mac’s are a little on the short side I have found a gem that could you use to waste some time. Its called Foldit, and is design to be enjoyable as well as help in protein folding science. I find it really fun, and it is all in the name of science. You do need a fast computer and definitely one that is plugged in if you are on a laptop.

Spore 2 Released Date Announced 1


Spore 2 Released Date Announced

One of the coolest games that is going to be released this year has just announced its retail date. This game is Spore and its available for Mac, which makes the game extra cool. The release date is September 7th. So it is quite a while away but it is nearly in reach.

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