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How Long Has Your Mac Been On? 32


How Long Has Your Mac Been On?

I was wondering the other day how long I could keep my Mac on before an update or crash of some sort would require a restart. Thankfully the update came first (Mac’s don’t crash). I managed to last 14 days before I had to restart. I was wondering how long have you kept your Mac on, and did you experience any problems.

Cool iPhone Icon Sets 2


Cool iPhone Icon Sets

Sort of following on from a previous post about a cool Mac icon set. This post is about 35 free set for your iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone at the moment so I can’t test them out. But I do know what looks good. Some of those designs are very cool. Its been a very design centric day. This post is very similar.

Maintaining A MacBook’s Battery Life 9


Maintaining A MacBook’s Battery Life

MacBook batteries (including Pro’s) will eventually die out. As with any battery they need to be used in a sensible manner to keep the battery health as long as possible. I have mentioned before about calibrating batteries. But the this post is going to be about making sure you get the most out of your battery.

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