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Open A Second iCal Window 6


Open A Second iCal Window

Normally iCal has only the ability to open one window, this is usually fine for most normal use. But every so often you may want a second window to spice things up, or to help you with your day to day iCal eventing. To this little trick is simple. It only involves my favourite thing on a Mac, the Terminal command line.

Working Out Time Zones In iCal 1


Working Out Time Zones In iCal

The world is big, very big. As a result we have to split the worlds time up into 24 segments to make it more manageable. This can be a problem, especially if you have to find out when appointments around the world are starting in relation to your time zones, and example being Steve Job’s Macworld speech. The solution to this is to use timezone support in iCal to take the work out of working out what the time is.

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