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Introduction to iTunes – A Beginners Guide 3


Introduction to iTunes – A Beginners Guide

Following in the series of introducing new users to various parts of the operating system, todays topic is iTunes. I love iTunes. I think it is one of the best music playing applications out there. For any new users to a Mac or even the app this guide will hopefully show you a couple of places on the web which can be useful pointers to increasing your knowledge. This post will be split into the usual four sections, in the App, Online, in a book and in store.

Introduction To Xcode – A Newbies Resource 7


Introduction To Xcode – A Newbies Resource

Over the last couple of weeks I have been doing an Introduction Series to practically everything. I have covered Applescript, Automator plus the iLife and iWork packages. Today I am going to feature Xcode, the application which many programs use to build the very apps on your Mac. I have been reading about the app and general program for Mac for a while. I may eventually get into writing a program myself. Anyway this post is going to feature all of the introductory tools I have used to get started, plus a couple more that I found. As is usual with these posts I will feature places on the web, and in books.

Introduction To iWork – A Helpful Guide 0


Introduction To iWork – A Helpful Guide

It seems my introduction posts are well received, you guys seem to enjoy them. This weeks introduction is to iWork, the popular package which accompanies iLife, all about documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This post will follow the usual format of where you can find resources about this program. It will have resources in the app itself, online, in a book and in store. Each section will be broken down for easy location.

Introduction To iLife – A Newbies Guide 2


Introduction To iLife – A Newbies Guide

Continuing on the “Introduction” series, the previous two being AppleScript and Automator. I am going to talk about iLife. The big application package which comes with every new Mac. It features iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb and iDVD. As it is usualy with the intro series I will find various places on the net, in the program and in real life that can help you get to grips with the programs.

Introduction To AppleScript 1


Introduction To AppleScript

Last week I wrote a post about an Introduction To Automator. It was well received and many people enjoyed it. This week I am going to do an introduction on AppleScript. From the start this topic was a lot easier to find information about. It seems people write a lot more about AppleScript over Automator. I have decided to link to other sources rather than make my own because I would just be repeating the same information, and other people can write a lot better than me.

Introduction To Automator – A General Guide 0


Introduction To Automator – A General Guide

Recently I asked what people want to see on this site. A common request was seeing an Automator guide. I really don’t have much knowledge of Automator, but I have compiled a small list of places to visit if you are interested in learning more about the program.

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