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Mac 101 – Saving Files 5

Mac 101

Mac 101 – Saving Files

As part of my Mac 101 series and a personal request from Brady, I am going to introduce good techniques on saving files. If you are new to the OS and have come from Windows saving files is slightly different but once you learn the tricks of the trade it is really simple. I can quickly navigate to deep levels on my Mac with the slightest of ease.

Mac 101: The Dock 11

Mac 101

Mac 101: The Dock

As part of the Mac 101 series, I am going to move onto the Dock. The dock is a very crucial part of the Mac OS X system. A lot of your interaction with programs will belong here. For example nearly all of your commonly used programs will reside in the dock, plus any programs you are currently using. As well as this icons such as Trash, stacks and other documents will end up in your Dock. Its an important place, so you better learn how to use it.

Mac 101: Introducing Finder 8

Mac 101

Mac 101: Introducing Finder

I got an email this morning asking me to do a basic tip. I mean basic. This person who didn’t leave there name is new to the Mac and wanted to know more about Finder. I was more than happy to oblige. This post is designed to run through Finder. It will post some basic information, plus a couple of hints and tips. It is designed to get new people to the OS system up and running. Its not hard to get a hand of Finder. It just takes a bit on no how.

Mac 101: 56 Useful Mac Shortcuts 41

Mac 101

Mac 101: 56 Useful Mac Shortcuts

As part of a new series that will be making an appearance over the next couple of months is Mac 101. This series will focus on basic tips and tricks for the new user to the Mac system. Since Macs are growing in popularity I thought it was a good idea to do some sort of series to anyone in this category.

This first post will be a big list of useful shortcuts for the Mac. This list was actually recommended by a reader from the contact form. The email was sent in about month ago so I haven’t been to long in replying. Anyway this list will be split up into two sections basic key commands and the rest of them.

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