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Its Vacation Time – See You In Two Weeks 0


Its Vacation Time – See You In Two Weeks

This is just a little heads up. I’m currently going on holiday for two weeks and as a result there won’t be any posts available. I normally have a couple written up and ready to go, which will be automatically displayed. However this time i’ve been a little bit busier and I haven’t had the time to pre-write them.

MacTricksAndTips is Back. Posts to resume. 4


MacTricksAndTips is Back. Posts to resume.

First off, i’m sorry for the lack of posts, or any warning about being away such a long time. The last post on the 26th of April seems such a long time ago. In the intervening two months i’ve had a whole load of university exams which simply eat up the time. The plan originally, was to let you guys know of the situation and then have possibly a two weeks off. However the build up to the exams took away more time than I planned.

University Is Over, Lets Begin The Summer 1


University Is Over, Lets Begin The Summer

If you have followed my Twitter feed at all you may have noticed I had plenty of exams on at University. I am very glad that these have now finished. Since summer has started I have got plenty of free time, as a result I am going to expand and increase the amount of posts on this blog and on other sites.

iPhone Timeline 0


iPhone Timeline

I haven’t covered much of the *amazing* iPhone launch simply because I am not getting an iPhone, I can’t afford the price tag for the contract, and many other sites always seem to be quicker at getting their news out quicker than me. Anyway, I was stumbling my way around the Internet and I came across a rather cool picture of the time line of the iPhone. I though I might share it with you.

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