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Noob2Pro Series Round Up – We Have Finished 4


Noob2Pro Series Round Up – We Have Finished

I am afraid we have reached the end of the Noob2Pro series. I have covered all of the topics I wanted to cover and it seemed to reach a good end with out me repeating myself or covering topics no one is interested in. I hope you enjoyed the series and hopefully some new users have learnt a thing or two about the Mac that they didn’t know before. This post will list all of the previous topics and tell you what I have planned.

Troubleshooting Problems – Noob2Pro #27 1


Troubleshooting Problems – Noob2Pro #27

Applications on the Mac crash every so often. Some times this is a one off event that happens at random which you can just ignore. More persistent crashes and hangs can be a bigger problem. Troubleshooting these problems can take a while, however I am going to go through a list which I use to diagnose a problem and hopefully find a solution. This post will refer to application crashes, and not kernel panics. Kernel panics are usually harder to solver and nearly also involve some piece of hardware at fault.

Cheat Sheets, Finding Shortcuts – Noob2Pro #26 0


Cheat Sheets, Finding Shortcuts – Noob2Pro #26

This post is going to be relatively short however I think it will be quite useful for any new user to the Mac. One of the best ways to become a “Pro” user is to learn shortcuts to a program. Learning shortcuts to a program can be a bit difficult and some may not be that obvious. There are a couple of ways you can learn shortcuts, I am going to feature my favourite two here.

Getting To Grips With Printing – Noob2Pro #25 1


Getting To Grips With Printing – Noob2Pro #25

Making sure you can print a document properly is a major concern. Nothing is worse than having a printer that doesn’t work. This post will hopefully enable you to set up your printer and allow you to use it. At the moment I don’t currently have a working printer, it broke, however this is the method I employed when I set up my printer the first time. If you have any problems please leave a comment.

Network Tips For Your Mac – Noob2Pro #24 2


Network Tips For Your Mac – Noob2Pro #24

We are continuing with the Noob2Pro series. Today’s post will focus on a variety of tips and tricks to increase your skills with the network portion of your Mac system. Some tips will include making sure you get the best up time, the fast speed available and other tips and tricks. At this point I assume you know how to work your network (you just have to plug it in) so I am going to skip over some of the basics. All these tips will use the System Preferences pane.

9 Mac Apps For A New User – Noob2Pro #23 7


9 Mac Apps For A New User – Noob2Pro #23

We are back on the Noob2Pro series, its been a long time since the last instalment, this is due to me being on holiday and doing various things after which took up my time. The previous post in the series was discussing how to find apps for a new user, this post is my recommendation of nine apps which should come included with the operating system. I’ve tried to keep it short and compact, if you have any apps which you think every new user should have installed please leave a comment at the end of the post.

Finding Apps For The Mac – Noob2Pro #22 5


Finding Apps For The Mac – Noob2Pro #22

In the last couple of days we have finished all of the major apps on your Mac. Today I am going to feature places on the Internet where you can find applications to fill up your Mac and meet your needs. There are plenty of places which you can use to find apps for the computer. This post is going to be short, however I hope it is going to be as useful as the others in the series.

Noob2Pro Weekly Round Up 4 0


Noob2Pro Weekly Round Up 4

We are flying through the Noob2Pro series, we are nearly at the end. There is only 8 more posts planned. I hope you are enjoy the series as much as I am. So far we have featured a huge variety of different posts to get you start on the Mac. A lot are introductions however I have included a hew advance tips and tricks to take it to the next level.

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