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Converting Movie Files Quickly And Easily 4


Converting Movie Files Quickly And Easily

This post has arisen due to a back and forth between some one who emailed me about converting video. This post is going to be quite a mish mash of different topics which explains who you can use a very powerful encoder/de-coder to convert video files on your Mac. This isn’t a well oiled application it is more a hack to get things to work. However it is really useful.

Mac Cheat Sheet 1

Time Machine, Tool

Mac Cheat Sheet

Just a simple post today, but one you shouldn’t take light heatedly. Anyone who ever has a Mac will know that you generate a long list of passwords and other pieces of information when you install or upgrade the operating system. The problem with this is that you usually end up with a sheet of paper that doesn’t make much sense a couple of months later. This is were your Mac Cheat Sheet comes in.

OSXP Folders – Plugin For Windows Style Folders 3


OSXP Folders – Plugin For Windows Style Folders

This post today is from a recommendation by Kirk, he asked if I could show you his plugin which he has written. I was only to happy to help. In a nutshell, it is a Quicklook plugin which changes the thumbnails in finder to one which looks similar to the ones in Windows, its called Mac OsXP Folders. At this point you are screaming “Windows, Hell Noooo”. But the result is quite interesting and is useful. Its worth checking out anyway.

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