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Site Update – Some Slight Changes 0


Site Update – Some Slight Changes

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of days, there has been plenty going on. Tomorrow i’m back to Uni which means there will be a couple of changes to the frequency in which post will appear on this site. Over the past couple of weeks and months I have been trying to do a post at least once a day. I’m afraid this format will have to change.

I’m Back – Sorry For The Delay 0


I’m Back – Sorry For The Delay

Sorry for the long delay and apparent lack of anything happening on this site. I haven’t disappeared i’ve just been doing a lot of different things that have required my time. If you didn’t realise I was on holiday, I hope you enjoyed the pre planned posts while I was off, I have been reading some of the comments that you have left and I have begun responding to them.

Going On Holiday – Heads Up 2


Going On Holiday – Heads Up

Its that time of the year where us Brits leave the flood plains of the British Isles and go some where hot to get burnt. Tonight i’m leaving for the airport so I thought I would give you guys a little heads up to wonder why I am not replying to anything. My holiday will last two weeks, so if you really need help i’m afraid you are going to have to look somewhere else.

A Site Refresh – A Reason Why 4


A Site Refresh – A Reason Why

If you haven’t noticed I have done a little site refresh, most notably i’ve change around the design. I have cleared all of the caches so the new design should be beamed straight to your desktop. This post is going to be a little reason why I have changed the design and what you can expect from the new design and this site. I hope you enjoy it.

What Happening On The Site 2


What Happening On The Site

This is just a short post to keep you up to speed with what I am personally doing regarding to this site. If you don’t follow my Twitter feed, I am currently at crunch point at my first year at Uni (one year all ready, WOW). In the next 4 weeks I am having my final year exams, which I need to pass. As a result this blog will have to take a back seat.

Offtopic: Internal Server Errors 0


Offtopic: Internal Server Errors

This is a little bit off topic, my apologies. There seems to be a random problem occurring every so often and I can’t seem to put my finger on it. What’s happening I am getting random Internal Server Errors, these seem to be only on the back end, such as the phpmyadmin interface and uploading images in WordPress.

Welcome Sponsor – Clean My Mac 4


Welcome Sponsor – Clean My Mac

I would like to say hi to a new sponsor on this site Clean My Mac. They offer an app designed to clean up your Mac and get it squeeky clean. Although you can get free apps which do the same thing, you may be interested in a paid app. Try the program out see what you think.

Welcome New Sponsor – iShowU 0


Welcome New Sponsor – iShowU

This is a quick post to say “Hi” and “Thanks” to iShowU for sponsoring this site. As it is customary I am going to give a little bit of background about the product. iShowU are the creators of the very popular screen capturing program. You set the program going, and it will record everything on screen. Very useful for screen casts and anything to do with showing people what is going on your Mac. I have used this program before although I have not used the recent versions (I have no use for the program at the moment).

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