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Happy New Year! 0


Happy New Year!

I all most forgot to say Happy New Year to every one. I was too busy having such a good time, that I forgot to Thank everyone who has visited this site. I like to say thanks for every one who has commented, had a question, or just contributed to the site in some little way. Its always fun.

What Tips & Tricks Would You Like To See? 16


What Tips & Tricks Would You Like To See?

Since the Christmas Holidays are quickly coming upon us, it gives me lots of free time to actually do something on this site. Over the past 3 months University studies have got in the way. Now I have a lot of time and I can do some proper tips and tricks.

Welcome – SyncMate & iWrap 0


Welcome – SyncMate & iWrap

The last two banner sponsor slots were sold last night, as a result I would welcome SyncMate and iWrap. This post, for any new readers, is a thanks to them for sponsoring on my site. I like new sponsors since they keep this site running and enable me to buy beer. Anyway SyncMate is a syncing application which you can use to sync mobiles and other devices between your Mac and your devices. iWrap on the other hand offer various wraps for your iPhones and iPods.

Welcome New Sponsor – Accountz 0


Welcome New Sponsor – Accountz

Its the beginning of the month, this means I will have a couple of advertiser joining this site. This time round I would like to welcome Accountz. This is an accounting application that you can use to keep track of all of your finance needs. I haven’t yet tried this app out, but has been featured in MacWorld so it is probably a decent app.

Welcome New Sponsor – Mosso 0


Welcome New Sponsor – Mosso

I like new sponsors. Every new advertiser helps out this site and lets it grow and grow. Anyway, today we have had a new sponsor. Mosso. They offer cloud hosting and cloud storage. Which basically means you can have a site and storage that can grow and grow as your website or application expands in popularity. My hosting, Slicehost, is part of this company and I can tell you they are “A” OK. I may upgrade myself it there services when the time comes.

Welcome New Sponsor – Funtastic Photos 0


Welcome New Sponsor – Funtastic Photos

As is the custom on MacTricksAndTips, I like to say hello and welcome to any new sponsors to this site. This month it is the turn of Funtastic Photos. They offer a cool Mac application which you can use to edit your photos. It has lots of cool features such as non-destructive photo editing for example. I have had a little dabble and it is a fun app to use. But then again I like most applications. Try out and see if it is right for you.

Sorry For The Down Time 7


Sorry For The Down Time

Last night should have been something really enjoyable for this site. I was featured on Digg. I should have been enjoying the large amount of traffic and clicks on my advertisers adverts. But sadly all was not to be enjoyed. I suffered the dreaded downtime. Until last night I had 3 months of perfect uptime. This post is to say sorry if you tried to access the site and you found it was down.

Now Open – 1


Now Open –

If you are a follower of my Twitter feed, I have mentioned iLoveMacApps a couple of times. This new website is all about Mac applications. Since Mac apps are a big part of the Mac community, there is hundreds of great applications out there I decided that it would be a good idea to dedicate a site towards them.

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