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Video: Disabling Notifications In Safari 0


Video: Disabling Notifications In Safari

We have a brand new video today on the MacTricksAndTips channel. Previously I have discussed how to disable notification centre messages. A lot of apps send you a message which appears in the notification centre. Websites are now slowly moving towards this trend of sending you messages when they post new content. If you are tired of this feature you can disable the messages. This is done within the Safari preferences which allows you to disable the messages for each individual site. It is a tip that you may need every so often.

Video: Checking Disk Permissions & Your Hard Drive 0


Video: Checking Disk Permissions & Your Hard Drive

A new video is on the MacTricksAndTips YouTube Channel. It discusses the importance of checking your hard drive for errors and fixing permissions. This is a task that you have to do every couple of months if you want to keep your Mac in tip top shape. Fixing permissions helps keep your Mac in good working order. Checking and fixing your hard drive, which is done in the same app, allows you to ensure that your hard drive will not fail or cause any errors.

Video: Remove Old Wifi Networks 1


Video: Remove Old Wifi Networks

Every time your Mac connects to a WiFi network it will remember this connection. This is very useful when you connect for a second time as the time it takes to determine the wifi connection is reduced. However, if you connect to a lot of Wifi networks this list can grow. This is OK most of the time, however if you want to order the wifi list within system preferences to take advantage of preferential network connections, ordering this list can be time consuming. This video shows you how to delete these networks and keep the list ordered. It is only a simple trick, but very useful.

Video: Create Ringtones Within iTunes 0


Video: Create Ringtones Within iTunes

It’s been a while since my last video. Todays video focuses on a previous post, how to create your own ringtone within iTunes to use on your iPhone or other iOS device. Some people asked for the steps required in a video format. Creating your own ringtone is rather simple, however it does take a little bit of work. This video should explain everything. If you enjoyed this video and have a question or idea for a future one, please tweet me with your suggestions.

Video: Improving Wi-Fi Speed On Your Mac 0


Video: Improving Wi-Fi Speed On Your Mac

Ensuring you have the fastest Wi-Fi is paramount in ensuring you have the best connection to the internet and your other Mac’s today’s video is all about improving your Wi-Fi performance. Today’s video shows you how to use the Wireless Diagnostic app within your Mac and a cool third party app called Wi-Fi explorer. It shows you how to find the best wireless channel to operate on and how to improve the signal to noise ratio to get the fastest speed.

Video: How To Quickly Tag Files Within Mavericks 0


Video: How To Quickly Tag Files Within Mavericks

Tagging files within Mavericks has become more important. By tagging files you can quickly find those important documents within the future. Tagging files can be difficult particularly if you have a large number of files that you want to tag. By selecting the files and dragging them onto the tags within the sidebar you can quickly tag an entire folder of files. This is a better method than selecting the files and right clicking and selecting the tag.

Video: How To Disable App Nap Within Mavericks 0


Video: How To Disable App Nap Within Mavericks

We have a new video here on MacTricksAndTips. It is all about disabling app nap within Mac OS X Mavericks. App nap allows applications no in view or active to go into sleep mode. This conserves system resources and saves on battery life. It is a cool feature. If you don’t want it enabled, it can be disabled on a per application basis. This involves going into the Get Info pane of each application you want to disable and checking the appropriate option.

Video: How To Pause An App In Mac OS X 0


Video: How To Pause An App In Mac OS X

Todays video is a little technical. If you have a system process that is consuming a lot of your Mac’s CPU, you may want to pause this application to free up some system resources. This will allow you to work on something else, then when you have finished, you can unpause the app and allow it to continue right where it left off. This method of pausing apps it very useful if you have a CPU intensive app running and want a quick break. I have written about this technique before. The video below is more visual.

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