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10 Websites For New iPhone Users 0


10 Websites For New iPhone Users

Since shops around the world are going into meltdown due to the release of the new iPhone, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a short list of 10 websites for new iPhone users. Over the last couple of days i’ve been reading many sites and wanted to post some of the cool ones i’ve found. I’ve tried to shy away from general news sites and sites which have tips and tricks for more than one platform (eg the Mac). I wanted a list where its iPhone only stuff, so you can go for a dedicated resource. If you feel there is a website I should have added, please leave a comment below. The list covers a wide range of things including tips, hack, apps and wallpapers, so there should be something for everyone.

Heads Up – Mac OS X Automation 0


Heads Up – Mac OS X Automation

This post is going to be a heads up of a site that I found a couple of days ago which I have meant to post. If you haven’t guessed from the title this site is all about Mac OS X Automation. For those people who are new to the Mac or don’t know how to use Automator, Apple Script or Services this site is designed as general round up.

Mac Life – 30 Apps You Have Never Heard Of 6


Mac Life – 30 Apps You Have Never Heard Of

While searching the web I have come across a cool little site by Mac Life, of 30 application you have not heard off. It was a good list so I have decided to share it with you. Some of the applications on the list are very interesting which I have never heard of but will be checking out in the coming weeks.

Visit Me At Alltop 2


Visit Me At Alltop

This is a little shoutout about a cool little site you should visit if you are an avid Mac fan. If you head over the you can visit a whole page of the latest Mac News. It brings all of the latest feeds from some of the big and small Mac sites and puts it all on one page. I have just been included, yey, as usual with theses kinds of things I am at the bottom of the list.

Make Your Own Mix Offer 0


Make Your Own Mix Offer

I like good software for the Mac. I also like cheap software. What is better than good software being heavily discounted? This site, called Mac Mix Promo, is designed around giving you good software at a cheap price. As limited offer, similar to MacPromo and MacHeist. For every piece of software you buy you earn so much off. It similar to the promos we have all heard off, but is designed to give you more control and more of a discount.

Phishing Warning Concerning Apple 4


Phishing Warning Concerning Apple

Many people will be buying iPhones and other Apple products at the start of the summer season. But you have to be aware of a couple of phising scams that seem to be floating around the Internet trying to trick users into given there personal banking information away. For course its a scam.

UsingMac – 101 Must Know Quick Leopard Tips 4


UsingMac – 101 Must Know Quick Leopard Tips

This is a very quick post telling you about Using Mac. It has quite a nice guide on some quick Leopard tricks and you can use to speed up your work flow on your Mac. I know some of the tips are a bit basic. But for a new Mac user these tips can really offer an insight into speeding up how you work on your Mac, for example places to put useful shortcuts in your toolbar in Finder. Its just a simple case of drag and drop so explained in the post. My favourite tip, which I will be using from now on, is turning the screen on a MacBook black. Its a simple short cut Control + Shift + Eject.

Amazing iPhone Wallpapers 0


Amazing iPhone Wallpapers

The worlds best, in my opinion, of iPhone wallpapers. None of those rubbish rip of sites you find. This site has the best designs and themes. Makes me wish I had an iPhone.

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