The following piece of text is a disclaimer. It is designed to cover my ass when things go wrong. Keep it in mind before you blow your top off at something. Most of the time if you have a problem please contact me.


Every post I make I try to check and make sure the tip, trick or application. Every so often a problem may slip past the net. Please take into consideration when applying a command, especially ones using Terminal. If you do have any problems please leave a comment and I will try and help. Just make sure you insert and use your brain before doing anything. I intend with this website to do you know harm, and help you gain more knowledge on the Mac platform.


Each comment is the view of the required author. I am not held responsible if you don’t agree with there opinion. Each person is entitled to there suggestion and view. Each comment is reviewed although not immediately after it is posted. Comments will be removed if they are wildly off topic. Offensive to a wide range of people, or contain excessive swearing. Comments that are spam will also be removed and the offending IP address and or website put on a blacklist. Spam constitutes anything that promotes a product or website that have nothing to add to the conversation. I reserve the right to delete comments with no explaination given.


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If on the rare occasion you do blow up your computer it is not my fault. I didn’t force you to implement that command. As a result I am not liable for any damages that may occur.


I will disclose any affiliate links that are on my site. I believe that you, as a reader, should be informed of what I link to. In the majority of time any affiliate sales that I make will be used to make this site better, usually hosting costs. It usually doesn’t cost you anything extra to follow my affiliate link and by doing so you help out Mac Tricks And Tips. A recent example of this is the MacUpdate promotion. From those affiliate sales it helped my buy 3 months worth of hosting.


All downloads are checked on my system. This does mean that on rare occasions they may break or crash. Similar to the damages section of this document I am not liable if anything I produce does break your computer. I would be interested to know how it did break your computer. Since most of the download I have made are very basic.

External Links

I link to a lot of external websites. Domains, and website content change hands regularly and as a result I am not liable if you are offended if the sites content is different to when I linked to it. I do check links every so often and I try to link to sites that are in keeping in the theme of this website.


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Personal Views

All of the posts on this websites are my personal views. Although the majority of products and services I mention on this site are of high praise I will speak the truth. If I mention a product or service that I don’t like and you disagree with this, leave a comment expressing your concern. I won’t remove any posts or comments about a program or service due to any negative publicity.


Similar to the downloads section of this document, I do preliminary check programs and downloads to make sure that they work and don’t do any damage to your system. But you should always check that a program will not harm your computer before you use it. I am not responsible if you computer breaks due to a piece of software I suggested.


All tips are valid at the time of posting. But due to the fact that time passes and programs and features get upgraded and removed some posts or tips may not work or be different that what is expected. As a result be wary if a tip I have posted is a year old. It may not work.