Frequently Asked Questions

This section is all about the frequently asked questions, plus any questions that I thought you may be interested in. If you want to ask a question please contact me and I would be happy to help.

General Questions

Q: Where Can I Find More About you?

A: You can find out more about me, this site and a couple of other things in the about section of this website.

Q: Why Do I Have To Use The Trackback URL instead of a normal URL for blog posts.

A: I don’t no why. I have debugged and looked through the code but it seems that you have to use the Trackback URL to get properly credited. Its weird and I don’t know why it happens like that.

Q: What Does duzi Stand For?

A: Duzi stands for “Download, Unzip, Install” I was fed up of saying that sentence in every post where I mention an application. So I made a word up. It was going to be DUI, but that stands for drunk driving and it wouldn’t blend well.

Q: Why Don’t You Do The Latest News?

A: Simply because other bigger websites, with hundreds of authors can cover news quicker than me. My one man band can’t keep up so I don’t bother.

Contest Questions

Q: How Are Your Contests Run?

A: Contests are usually run in the following method: I set up a post detailing the competition. I then ask you to do something and leave a comment. Your comment is then an entry into the prize draw. Comments will then be filtered to make sure they are accurate to the competition and not spam.

Q: How Do You Pick A Winner?

A: Winners are either picked at random from, your comment number will correspond to a number picked on the list. As well as this winners are also picked by hand. This depends on the competition at hand and is explained in the post.

Q: What Happens If?

A: If there is any problems I hold the right to be the final judge. You can spell your out your case if you have a problem I will listen.

Q: How Long Do Contests Last?

A: Contests last between a week and two weeks. Contests will rarely last longer than 2 weeks. Every so often there may be a quick competition that lasts only 2 days but these are rare.

Q: Can I Hold A Contest With You?

A: Of course you can! Simply send a quick message over on my contact form. Simply tell me what you want to run the contest on, your prizes and how you want me to pick a winner. I am open to discussion.

Advertising Questions

Q: How Can I Advertise With You?

A: You can advertise with me through my advertise page or going to BuySellAds to buy a slot directly.

Q: Why Do You Sell Advertisements

A: I sell advertisements to enable me to buy hosting and continue to post.

Q: Why Do You Do Affiliate Links?

A: I do affiliate links because they earn me some money to keep this site up and running. Every time you purchase a product, or sign up free in some cases, I get a couple of dollars. All of this money adds up and helps.

Q: How Do Affiliate Links Work?

A: Affiliate links work in the same way as normal links. I send you to the advertisers site through a specially crafted link. This link contains information that links it back to my site. When you decide to purchase that link is checked and money deposited in my account.

Q: Does It Cost Anything?

A: No, the affiliate money is taken from the person you are purchasing from. It doesn’t cost you a penny extra, nor does it cost me anything.

Q: Do You Promote Everything That Has An Affiliate Link?

A: No, I only promote products I would purchase and vouch for. I don’t promote products that I don’t think are any good.


Q: What Is Not Acceptable In Comments?

A: There are a variety of things that are not acceptable within comments. This includes, pointless comments that are off topic. Comments that contain swearing or offend. Comments that promote a product without adding to the conversation in general. Spam comments.

Q: What Happens To Unacceptable Comments?

A: Comments will be deleted as soon as I notice them. The IP address will then be noted and if the offense happens again it will be but on the IP ban list, you will then be unable to comment.

Q: What Syntax Is Allowed?

A: The following is allowed: <a href> headings <h1 – h6> although you wont be able to tell the difference between the latter headings. As well as this you can also use <acronym> <code> <em> <strike> <strong> <i> <b>. Most of these tags you don’t need to use. They are there if you want.


Q: What Host Do You Use?

A: I am currently using SliceHost. At the moment I have a 512mb slice. It runs like the wind. It is really fast. I am only using over half of the memory at the moment. So a 256mb slice isn’t an option for me. I really wish I could get Dugg or Slash-dotted so I can really test it out.