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Re-Enable Wi-Fi Syncing With iOS 7.1 0


Re-Enable Wi-Fi Syncing With iOS 7.1

A while ago I showed you some secret tricks in enabling wi-fi syncing on your iPad, iPhone or other iOS device. With the latest version of iOS 7.1 the wi-fi sync capability, which is a major feature and incredibly, useful won’t work. The solution however is very simple and I will admit that it took me longer that it should have to work it out. To re-enable wi-fi syncing you have to set your iOS device as a trusted device.

Video: Create Ringtones Within iTunes 0


Video: Create Ringtones Within iTunes

It’s been a while since my last video. Todays video focuses on a previous post, how to create your own ringtone within iTunes to use on your iPhone or other iOS device. Some people asked for the steps required in a video format. Creating your own ringtone is rather simple, however it does take a little bit of work. This video should explain everything. If you enjoyed this video and have a question or idea for a future one, please tweet me with your suggestions.

How To Make Your Mac Efficient for Gaming 1


How To Make Your Mac Efficient for Gaming

We have a guest post today all about gaming on your Mac. I love computer, I don’t get the most time to play although I do try and get a couple of hours in every now and then. Most gaming is done on mobile devices. This post is going to discuss how to set up your Mac to be an efficient gaming machine. The tips are obvious although if you find yourself slowing down they are solutions to follow. I recommend getting a solid state hard drive, as this allows quicker file openings which allow maps and features to load quicker.

Create Your Own iPhone Ring Tones In Mavericks 0


Create Your Own iPhone Ring Tones In Mavericks

This post is based on a couple of questions and problems people have emailed in about creating ring tones within iTunes. If you have a new iPhone, you would like a custom ring tone. This post will explain how to do this within iTunes and Mac OS X Mavericks. Mavericks and iTunes have recently been updated, which means you have to slightly change how you create ring tones. One of the steps, in many posts published online, is done automatically in previous versions. This post is simple to follow and once you do it once, it takes no time at all to repeat.

Secret Trick To Enable Wi-Fi Syncing In iTunes 8


Secret Trick To Enable Wi-Fi Syncing In iTunes

For those who have an iOS device such as an iPad or and iPhone you can enable Wi-Fi syncing between your mobile device and iTunes. This means you don’t have to plug your device in to sync it between your Mac. The majority of the time, after you have enabled the service, it will work perfectly. However, every so often it will not work. You may have tried disabling and re-enabling the option in iTunes or restarting both your Mac and your iOS device. There are some tips on the net that show you how to restart the mobile service, however this may not work. If you have tired all options this tip may work, I had great success.

Video: Improving Wi-Fi Speed On Your Mac 0


Video: Improving Wi-Fi Speed On Your Mac

Ensuring you have the fastest Wi-Fi is paramount in ensuring you have the best connection to the internet and your other Mac’s today’s video is all about improving your Wi-Fi performance. Today’s video shows you how to use the Wireless Diagnostic app within your Mac and a cool third party app called Wi-Fi explorer. It shows you how to find the best wireless channel to operate on and how to improve the signal to noise ratio to get the fastest speed.

Open Recent Items From The Menu Bar In Finder 0


Open Recent Items From The Menu Bar In Finder

Today is a quick tip that allows you to open items in your recently accessed menu bar option within Finder. When you go to the Apple Menu bar option > Recent Items you are given a list of your recently opened apps and files. When you select one of these items it will open the file in the default app. However by pressing the command key the menu item will change. It will now instead display an option asking you if you want to open the file or app within Finder.

Check, Enable and Disable FileVault From Terminal 0


Check, Enable and Disable FileVault From Terminal

FileVault is a built in application on your Mac that allows you to fully encrypt your hard disk. This is a great way of protecting the files against attack if someone steals your Mac or has access to the hard drive. Todays post is going to show you an alternate method of enabling, disabling and checking the status of FileVault from Terminal. If you are new to the Mac system I recommend you use the method within System Preferences > Security and Privacy. This tip is useful if you are remotely logged into a Mac through SSH or another method.

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