Privacy Policy

Every time you visit this website there is some information that I collect. This privacy policy is designed to outline what I collect and how I use it.

What I Collect

Like every website on the Internet I do collect some information from you. Most of this information is anonymous and it can’t be used to personally identify you. The information I collect from you includes:

  • Internet protocol address
  • Browser including OS and some other related information
  • Time of visit
  • Pages and images accessed

If you leave a comment or use the contact me form there is other information that I will collect this includes:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Website (If provided)

How Is This Information Used?

This information is used for a couple of things. This list includes:

  • Website statistics
  • Removing and combating spam
  • To be able to contact you if you leave a comment or question.

This information may also be used to track certain uses. Mainly ones who spam this site or comprise its quality and security. This information may then be used to blacklist your IP address on this site.


This website and its advertisers may place a small cookie on your computer. This cookie for Mac Tricks And Tips is used to:

  • Store you name, address and website when you leave a comment

As well as this external advertising websites such as Google Adsense may also leave a small cookie on your computer. This is used by them to track your activity between sites. I am not in control of this cookie.


You personal information as listed on this page is important to me. As a result I try to secure my website as much as possible. Include firewalls, strong passwords as well as encryption to make sure your data cannot be downloaded by a third party. As well as this I do not sell your email address or other personal information to third parties.

Subscription Manager

For added interaction and enjoyment of this site you can subscribe to posts by email using the subscription manger. This product enables you to receive email updates when ever a new comment is left. This is some privacy implications with this. I can view and modify your subscriptions. Subscriptions are based off you email address. You can at any time delete your subscriptions or sign up to different subscriptions using this interface.
This page may be updated at any time without notice.