Social Bookmarking Links

This post will explain what exactly the box at the bottom of every post means and why it is useful for you to use. You may have seen something like this at the bottom of a post.

Those links are Social Bookmark links. They will take you to a website which you can use to save, share and talk about other peoples articles, websites and pages. It lets you show people what you like. As well as this these sites show you similar articles of the same nature, so you can find content you love.

There are 4 websites I link to,, Digg, reddit and Stumbleupon. All these sites are similar in nature. They have some differences, for example I prefer reddit out of the four. These sites let you save your bookmarks and let you share them with each other.

There is also another reason why I link to this site. These sites also bring in a lot of traffic to this site. The more traffic I have, the more you it supports this site and the more posts for you.

It only takes a couple of seconds to submit your vote and I appreciate every vote you give.