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Address Book Tips 5


Address Book Tips

I use address book on an occasional basis. It is one of those applications which is really useful if you remember to use it. Anyway this post is going to be a collection of tips that are not the most obvious but really useful. They are in no particular order. If you have a cool one of your own to add, please leave a comment below.

Backing Up And Exporting Address Book Contacts 5


Backing Up And Exporting Address Book Contacts

This questions was asked a couple of days ago. The emailer wanted a way to backup there address book contacts for backup purposes. The problem with this exporting process on Address Book is that it takes a long time to export the cardsindividually . This is a big problem since we never have a lot of time. There is a semi-simple way to export Address Book Contacts, without it taking all day.

How To Order Names In Address Book 0


How To Order Names In Address Book

I got a question from Ed a couple of days ago about how to order names in Address Book. The final answer was not as simple as I thought. As a result I have decided to share it with you. The question is this. How do you order names by first (or last) within address book?

Print Envelopes From Address Book 17


Print Envelopes From Address Book

This little tip that I will show you today is rather cool. If any one has used Word it is a little difficult to print a envelope. Although there are preset settings, you have to do a lot of manual work. But if you have all of your addresses in Address Book, making a printing envelopes has suddenly become a lot easier. Thanks to a setting hidden away in the print dialog box.

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