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Welcome New Sponsor – Funtastic Photos 0


Welcome New Sponsor – Funtastic Photos

As is the custom on MacTricksAndTips, I like to say hello and welcome to any new sponsors to this site. This month it is the turn of Funtastic Photos. They offer a cool Mac application which you can use to edit your photos. It has lots of cool features such as non-destructive photo editing for example. I have had a little dabble and it is a fun app to use. But then again I like most applications. Try out and see if it is right for you.

Welcome New Sponsor – Laptopical 1


Welcome New Sponsor – Laptopical

Every time a new sponsor decides to place an advert on this site I do a quick post here thanking them. This time it is the turn of Laptopical – Laptop Reviews. Laptopical do a lot of laptop reviews and comparisons of pretty much anything to do with laptops. They also have an Apple section for any one who is interested in the Apple Laptops. Granted, I don’t have a large interested in laptop reviews and there associatedperipherals, but if you are looking into buying a new laptop, Laptopical may be a good site to check out. You can either click on the previous link or use the sidebar advert to access them directly.

Welcome Back ScreensPro 2


Welcome Back ScreensPro

I like sponsors to this site. They enable me to keep it up and running. This is another shout out post for ScreensPro to thank them for sponsoring Mac Tricks And Tips. From my previous post about ScreensPro I mentioned that they offer screen savers for the Mac and Windows platform. I still haven’t tried there service out yet, I must get round to doing that one day.

Welcome Back Audio Jungle 0


Welcome Back Audio Jungle

This is just quick post to say welcome back to Audio Jungle as a Mac Tricks And Tips sponsor. As I have mentioned previously. Audio Jungle, from the makers of PSDtuts and Freelance, offers flash and audio clips for you to download and buy. Although not a big user of this type of media, I have dabbled in it a bit. Many of you designers out there will find this type of site useful for any projects you are working on. Check out Audio Jungle in the sidebar or from the link previously.

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