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Scribbles – Simple Fun Image Drawing App 0


Scribbles – Simple Fun Image Drawing App

To start off the posts again I am going to do a review of an app that I have grown to love. Its called Scribbles and it is designed as an intuitive drawing app that makes it fun an interesting to draw. It doesn’t have a trillion features that take years to learn, it takes the simple method of using your mouse to draw an image and make it even easier.

Mute A Single Application 4


Mute A Single Application

This tip comes from a request by Alec, after a bit of fiddling and looking for workarounds I have found a solution on how to mute individual applications. This is quite useful if you have a noisy web browser or application that you want to mute, which doesn’t have its own volume control.

TimeBoxed – A Simple Fun Timer 2


TimeBoxed – A Simple Fun Timer

I like using various different timers to make sure I get as much done in the shortest amount of time. One cool application that I have been playing around with is calledTimeBoxed . Its a very simple application that enables you to set up some simple timers. Great for practically anything. As well as this it is also very expandable enabling you to insertAppleScripts, more about this later.

Enable Full Screen Maximizing 3


Enable Full Screen Maximizing

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last week. University was at full throttle and I couldn’t get a spare hour that I could use to write a good quality post. Good news is, the vacation is here and I have three weeks with plenty of spare time. This post is only a quick one while I get into the habit of posting. Its all about being able to use the green maximise to maximise the window to the far corners of your screen. Something Windows users and switchers may finduseful.

Quick Tip To Speed Up Firefox 9


Quick Tip To Speed Up Firefox

A quick tip this evening. Since quite a lot of people use Firefox (the majority of the visitors to this site are Firefox Users), its always useful to know a quick little trick if your browser is slowing down. I found this trick as a solution to my browser slowing down, some times it would take about 20 minutes to load on a really bad day. Its all related to your history.

Funtastic Photos – Really Cool Photo Editing 1


Funtastic Photos – Really Cool Photo Editing

Sorry for the complete lack of posts over the last couple of days. I have had a big Uni project to deal with and it soaked up all of my time. Anyway, today I am going to do a review of Funtastic Photos. They have bought a couple of advert slots on MacTricksAndTips so it is only fitting that I review their application they are developing. In a nutshell Funtastic is similar to iPhoto but really goes to town with the photo editing features. It is one of these applications which you can use to make amazing looking photos.

TranslateIt – Translator On Your Mac 0


TranslateIt – Translator On Your Mac

I was asked by the developer Leonid to review his application called TranslateIt. The translator program that you can use to get simple translations of words without having to search the web or find a dictionary. It is very similar to Google Translate, although it is designed to run on your desktop. I don’t have a planned post for today so it seemed a good place to fit it in.

Write Equations In Microsoft Word 9


Write Equations In Microsoft Word

I use Microsoft Word (2004, although later version should still work) and I end up writing a lot of equations. Without this tutorial, most people would try and form an equation using spaces, the sub-script functions as well as inserting symbols. The problem with this is that it is slow, cumbersome, as well inaccurate. You will generally face a lot of problems. There is a solution to this problem. Use the Equation Editor, it is simple to use and the results are amazing quite frankly.

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